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“Key events in the life of George Higinbotham” A presentation by Geraldine Moore to the
Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 239 a’Beckett Street, Melbourne, 15 October 2019, 5.15 – 7pm.

Presentation in the Talking History @ Eureka series of talks.
What was significant to Victoria about the life of George Higinbotham “the most loved and the most hated man of his day,” and what did this have to do with Eureka? A presentation by Geraldine Moore at the Eureka Centre, Ballarat, Tuesday 5 November 2019 at 5 p.m.
Tel. (03)5333 0333


Professor Emeritus Stuart Macintyre, Melbourne University:

This is the first full biographical treatment of Higinbotham and the first to connect him properly to the political battles of colonial Victoria. He emerges undiminished, indeed enhanced by a deeper knowledge of this singular man.
Foreword: George Higinbotham and Eureka.

Professor Frank Bongiorno, Australian National University:
This deeply researched and engagingly written book will be indispensable to students of Victorian colonial politics, as well as to anyone seriously interested in the ideas that have so largely shaped the way we are governed.
Labour History, Journal of The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, No. 116, May 2019.

Eric Howard, President of Eureka’s Children
Geraldine’s scholarship needs to be exposed to as broad a cross-section of Australians as possible… It gives the Eureka story added context and recognition as a massive change agent for strengthening Australian political culture.


Interview with Jon Faine on Radio Melbourne’s ‘The Conversation Hour’, 26 April 2019.…/11032796

Interview with Phillip Adams on Radio National’s ‘Late Night Live’, 12 March 2019.

Interview with Tim Brunero on ABC Radio Digital’s ‘Saturday Afternoons’, 3 August 2019.



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